The success of your business rests on your ability to deliver quality products at a competitive price.

Product Optimization

J&S Services can help you improve the quality and profit margin on your products by carefully reviewing all aspects of their material development and marketplace delivery.  Our product optimisation services apply proven methods of cost reduction and quality control:

•    “Fit-for-purpose” design principles that enhance with minor adjustments in the design and material construction of your products
•    Production redesign (e.g. reverse engineering) that streamlines the manufacture of your products and brings them to market faster and more cost-efficiently

After a thorough, holistic review of the product development cycle, we provide a detailed analysis of your product’s target costs and provide a set of innovative recommendations for reaching those targets.

Product Cost Analyses

In certain market environments, such as monopolist ones, knowledge of the cost structure of the purchased good or service is essential to increase bargaining power with the supplier. In all other circumstances such information has proved to be useful as well. Thus we focus on such analyses in our projects as this is the first step for product optimisation.
Apart from a standard cost structure analysis the FAST approach (function analysis system technique) is a sophisticated and unusual way to identify “best-in-class” cost efficient solutions. The FAST approach basically reveals the cost of a particular function within a usually more complex device and thus allows the benchmarking with similar devices of competitors.

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